Hydraulic Forging Ring Rolling Machine

Applications: Rolled Ring is the most excellent equipment for processing seamless ring forging such as,bearing ring,gear ring,rim,turning support,flange and high temperature alloy ring for aviation. Features: The essence of ring rolling is to carry out radial rolling,but it also needs to make blank and is similar with forging,in fact,it is the second making blank.Ring rolling is not the same with rolling,and is also different from forging,it has much economic and technical advantages to the forming of rings. + Only to need light-duty equipment Ring rolling is punching forming to the partial blank continuously by rotating mould,compared with the complete punching forming for stamp forging,it has small area of contact between the tool and workpiece,and also has small deforming force.So,it can make biggish rings by adopting light-duty equipment,which can enlarge the range of forming for rings.   + High material utilization Compared with stamp forging,making blank of ring rolling only needs to punch small hole,so it has small punching recess,and also have not flash and pattern draft which is necessary for stamp forging,the shape of sectional dimension for rings close to products,so it can reduce cutting capacity and also save raw material.   + Excellent inner quality Ring rolling deformation adopts radial compression and circumference extension type,the metal fibre of ring arrange continuously along the circle,which is frequently in accordance with the force and abrasion.So ring rolling products have high intensity and wearability and super inner quality.   + Excellent labor condition Compared with ordinary forging,ring rolling has not impact,and also has small vibration and noise,which greatly improve the labour condition and easy to realize and automation.   + High production efficiency Compared with ordinary forging(e.g.reaming),it is much faster for ring rolling,which can greatly improve the production efficiency.

Forging Ring Rolling Machine

Forging Ring Rolling Machine



· Rigid body structure, high output with low power consumption.
· Applied with PLC and Fully Automatic Control Panel, Easy for trouble shooting.
· All moving mechanism covered by safety guard, free of injury.
· Auto Started by photo sensor.
· Bale density and length is free adjustable.
· Operate easily and safely,even operate without is possible.
· Initiative twin-cyclinder insserters.
· Trouble-free isolated twisters.
· Independent control stand.(Optional)